Graduating Seniors

Graduation Information for College Majors        

To get more information about Commencement at Indiana University visit this website:

An application for a degree must be submitted to the College Recorder’s Office by going to  This should be done no later than June 1 for May graduation, no later than December 1 for August graduation, and no later than March 1 for December graduation.  Failure to file by these deadlines may delay graduation.  If circumstances change, students can easily change their graduation date online.  If a student is unsure if they have applied to graduate, they can go to the above web site and click on “List Your Major/Minor”.  This shows if an application has been submitted.

1.  Candidates for degrees in August may “walk” in the May Commencement ceremony.

Students who apply to graduate well in advance will have their names listed in the Commencement program.

2.  To promote timely graduation:

a.  International students should take the language proficiency exam as early as possible.

b.  Transfer work should be sent to IU as soon as possible for evaluation.

3.  Class Rank:    The Recorder’s Office can give a student an estimate of their rank based on the previous year’s class.

4.   Graduating with distinction:

Highest Distinction:  3.9 and above

High Distinction:  3.8 to 3.89

Distinction:  3.7 to 3.79

Note:  Students must have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours at IU.

Honors is designated on the diploma as: Graduating with Honors in the Department of xxx.

5.  Mailing diplomas to graduates:

The Registrar will not mail a diploma to an international address without confirmation from the student.  The Registrar sends letters to all graduating students to confirm their name and address.  Diplomas are mailed approximately 3 months after degrees are finalized.  Please note:

The Registrar will not mail a diploma to an international address without confirmation from the student.

6.  Official final transcripts will become available several weeks following graduation.  For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office at  812-855-0121 or by email at

7.  Students must complete all degree and major requirements in order to graduate.

Failure to complete a minor will not prevent a student from graduating.

8.   IU Commencement Ceremonies: Students should check with their major departments to learn about their graduation festivities.

9.   IU Alumni Association:  Students are eligible for free membership

for one year.