Are you interested in seeing how the IU judicial system works?

Posted: March 3, 2015 by joshuasites in Announcements, Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in seeing how the IU judicial system works?
If so, you may be interested in serving on the Student Body Supreme Court of Indiana 
University. We are currently accepting applications from all majors for an Associate Justice 
position for the 2015-2016 school year.  Applications are due on Sunday, March 15, by
5:00pm via e-mail to Please also feel free to contact the Court at this 
email address if you have questions.
What is the Student Body Supreme Court?
The Court is the judicial branch of the Indiana University Student Association (IUSA). Court 
members hear appealed judicial board cases, acting as student representatives on three-person 
judicial hearing commissions. The Court also adjudicates election disputes, certifies election 
results, hears challenges to the IUSA Constitution and Bylaws, and confirms the new IUSA 
executive administration each year. Additionally, each year the Court hosts a conference with 
campus judicial boards for the purposes of facilitating discussion about the campus judicial 
system. Court justices also serve as student appointees on advisory boards across campus. The 
Court is unique in that its decisions have the potential to impact the entire IU-Bloomington 
community. We encourage you to apply and look forward to receiving your application.

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