Going Forward Productions Internship

Posted: February 4, 2015 by telecom in Internships


Going Forward Productions, LLC is  an established film and television production/distribution company in Los Angeles (8 features films in worldwide distribution, 1 television series on Nickelodeon and Amazon Prime), operated by IU telecomm alum David Hillenbrand, www.hillandbrand.com

Interns who join the program learn how to utilize online editing tools on google/youtube, enhancing and editing content (television series from around the world that are under license) to modify, create subclips, and metatag the content for purposes uniquely targeted to the needs of a large MCN (multi-channel network).  As part of the program, Interns may also gain experience working with local editing systems including Final Cut Pro, Avid, and/or Adobe Premiere to create clips from the series to segment and aggregate the content as part of the MCN.  Protocols for the project are constantly evolving as we develop new ideas to efficiently subclip, metatatag, and maximize SEO with respect to the content.   Interns can work remotely on campus and have one-on-one interaction with supervisor via phone, email, and Skype.  


* Internship is an unpaid internship and students join the program for internship experience working with our team/staff.  For any questions pertaining to this internship, contact David Hillenbrand, davidh@hillandbrand.com


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