Video Media Assistant

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Video Media Assistant

Terms of Appointment
Temporary – $10 hourly rate

General Description
Working with the AAAI’s technical supervisor, marketing office, executive director, the media assistant will work primarily on projects that support promotion, preservation, and research components of the AAAI’s mission.

1. Digitally capture, transfer, and edit video documents.
2. Produce or assist in the production of media projects, such as promotional videos, documentaries, and demonstration videos.
3. Set up and operate video recording equipment for AAAI events and projects.
4. Schedule video shoots for concerts and other events involving non-AAAI sources, such as Bloomington CATS, and IU Radio/Television services.
5. Maintain an updated and accessible inventory of the AAAI’s video recordings.
6. Maintain an orderly and clean working storage environment in the AAAI’s video room.
7. Working with the AAAI technical supervisor, maintain a video equipment inventory.
8. Advise the technical supervisor or AAAI executive director on the purchase and maintenance of AV hardware and software.
9. Assist with the IU Media Preservation Project in the following ways:
a. Attend and participate in project related meetings
b. Assist with organizing the video inventory into MPP projects
c. Assist with the process of gathering and recording metadata
d. Label and verify the accuracy of labels on audio and video recordings
10. Perform other duties, as determined by the AAAI executive director or technical supervisor.

General AAAI Employee Responsibilities
1. Attend and be punctual for staff meetings, orientation and training sessions, rehearsals, and performances as assigned
2. Maintain required office hours
3. Take responsibility for security and care of University equipment and facilities assigned for your use
4. Follow procedures outlined in the AAAI Staff Handbook, and all IU publications governing faculty and staff

Support of Events
Members of the AAAI staff are strongly encouraged to attend, if not assigned to work, events sponsored by the AAAI, as well as events involving AAAI students and staff members.


Dr. Charles Sykes, Executive Director

Johnny Campbell, Technical Supervisor


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