Web Series Needs YOU!

Posted: February 20, 2014 by telecom in Announcements

Aspiring Creative Minds,

We – Preston Ezell, along with roommate, Tyler Mascarello –  would like to enlist your help to develop a web series.  The first two episodes of a seven part series,  that follows the delusions of a darkly comic masochist, are complete.  Each episode follows a different escapade initiated by the removal of an organ from the protagonist’s body. Each
segment will be between 8 and 12 minutes long and end with a “Trapped in the Closet”-esque cliff hanger. To get a taste, check out the script for episode 1.

So! If you want to make something weird, memorable, important, thematically-driven, unique and fun, here’s what we are looking for…



Second Unit Director

Make-up Artist

Nelson– A fatalist bordering on nihilism, he’s all but drained of any emotional response to anything. Nothing surprises him and nothing impresses him. Small frame/skinny, meek, but visibly a college student.
Lefty– The personification of a Testicle. Creepy in a fun way, painted up like a clown and an unmistakable presence.
Dr. Garvey– Everything a Doctor shouldn’t be. He’s squeamish, he avoids giving bad news if he can, he craves the life of a wallflower, but has found himself with the life of someone approached all too frequently.
Mr. Feeley– A supportive and emotionally unstable father in his mounting age. He is an older parent somewhere between 60 and 70 and built like his son, in a non-masculine fashion.\
Brody– Playful, happy, simple, caring. The best-friend that will always be there, but never fully understand why he’s there or if he means it when he says he “understands” your troubles.Carrissa– Initially identified by her beauty, she has a cavernous intellect and a problematic curiosity. She should be a college student with blonde or red hair.
Jordan– Jordan is the compliment to Carrissa in only the looks department. He doesn’t mind being less intelligent than his girlfriend. He’s gotten through a lot of his life on his looks. He is quick to deflect any blame when he’s in the wrong.
Neyna (Nina)- The physical embodiment of Nelson’s Upper kidney. She borders on OCD and is an order-obsessed control-freak. She should be very well presented and hold an authoritative mouse voice.

**Auditions will be held Friday at the Wells Library at 5:30pm, and continue no later than 8:30pm.
When you arrive text Preston or Tyler to let us know.
Preston: (502)424-0519, pezell@indiana.edu
Tyler: (630)532-0746, tmascare@indiana.edu
Bring a monologue!

Thank you!

-Preston Ezell

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