Course Announcement Fall 2013: T461 3D Games and Interactive Graphics

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Tel T461 3D Games and Interactive Graphics

(using Unity)

MW – 3:15 — 5:15


Thinking about a career in the game industry?  …educational software? …interactive graphics?  …immersive media?  Would you like to see your work deployed as standalone Mac or PC software, on the web, or on the iPhone or Android devises?


Unity is one of the most powerful game engines available anywhere.  Using it you can construct immersive 3D worlds like a deserted island complete with trees and grass and abandoned buildings or a lost planet in deep space or the surface of a billiard table on which the balls repel each other.  Once you’ve built your world, you can populate it with 3D graphics you make in Maya or Cinema 4D, or find on the web.  And, having built your world and filled it with objects, you can use scripts to create the rules that guide players through it.


The first half of class will be used to construct a simple first person adventure game called “Survival Island.”  It introduces a broad set of fundamental skills and techniques on which you can base your own work.  The second half of class is largely devoted to constructing individual projects.  Although programming experience or a background in graphics can help you build better games, all required code and techniques will be demonstrated in class.


We will be using the educational version of Unity Pro, but a complete and powerful “standard” edition is available free, so you can continue using the tool long after the class has ended.


Prerequisites: TEL-T 361 with a grade of C- or higher, or consent of instructor.  It is not necessary to write a proposal to get into this class (such a requirement was listed in the original course description).


Contact me for permission to take the class.


Curious about Unity?  See:


Michael Chabin

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