Video Coordinator, Admissions Organization IU Bloomington

Posted: March 26, 2013 by IUsec in Jobs

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Lead the Office of Admissions in developing a video component as part of an integrated, strategic marketing plan designed to recruit and enroll an academically talented, diverse freshman class. This individual will work with the Sr. Associate Director to develop a plan for creating, populating, and launching an Admissions YouTube channel, as well as a plan for continuing to develop new content.  Additional video content will also be developed in support of other marketing initiatives and campaigns that are launched throughout the year to promote events and encourage students to heed various calls to action such as applying and enrolling. The individual will coordinate the work of two undergraduate students who will work on individual video projects throughout the year.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Assist with the development of a plan to launch and maintain an Admissions YouTube channel.   o Create the YouTube channel or upgrade an existing site.  o Plan video content that will be consistent with the overall goals of the Marketing Team and integrated with campaigns and activities.  o Develop story boards and scripts.  o Once ideas are approved, manage the logistics of the filming process:  ? Locate actors and ensure they sign release forms; provide them with scripts.  ? Obtain permission to film at locations on and off campus.  ? Gather any needed props or other materials for the shoot.  o Supervise the actual filming process; be on site to ensure the process goes according to plan and deal with any issues that arise.  o Oversee the editing process and edit videos in collaboration with the students.  o Upload completed videos to YouTube.  o Collaborate with other members of the Marketing Team to publicize new videos and incorporate them into other marketing channels such as emails, the website, and other social media channels.  o Develop a plan for continuing to develop new content for the YouTube channel to ensure that students and parents continue to visit the site and that the site will attract new students who are interested in IU.  o Maintain a comprehensive spreadsheet with details about all video projects.  • Collaborate with Marketing Team members to develop video content for individual campaigns and initiatives in Admissions. Videos may be included in and developed for other marketing channels already in use by Admissions such as emails, websites, and social media sites.  o Perform all of the steps listed above in developing content:  generating ideas, developing story boards and scripts, managing the logistics of a shoot, editing the videos, uploading content, and maintaining a list of all projects.  • Assist with the selection of undergraduate students who will serve as the primary videographers and supervise their work on a day-to-day basis as they develop ideas, film, and edit videos.
Qualifications/Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
• Experience developing video content and filming videos.  • Experience editing videos.  • Ability to operate the Admissions Sony camcorder (or supply own equipment).   • Experience managing storage options for videos and uploading finished videos to YouTube.
This position requires approximately 20 hours per week and will start around May 1, 2013.
Salary commensurate with experience.

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