Posted: February 19, 2013 by IUsec in Announcements, Student groups, Volunteer Opportunities

Under the help of the telecom department and resources that were provided to me by the university, a brand that originally started out as a project soon turned into a professional company. Two years ago, I started a ‘show’ called FratCastles. It eventually developed into a website and now serves a number of different functions for Indiana University’s Greek system. Having graduated last year (2012), I decided to take the following year to see how far I could pursue It has now been experiencing tremendous growth, popularity, and opportunity.

The FratCastles team is small and is looking for new members to jump onboard. FratCastles provides a great experience in a fun and creative environment. Greek or not, we are looking for students that can share the same passion as us about our brand and that can inevitably help to take FratCastles to the next level. If you are at all interested or may know somebody who is, please feel free to reach out to me!

Thank you and have a great day,

Ian Sachs

Ian Sachs
Founder at

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