Callout Meeting Two : Thursday Announcement

Posted: January 16, 2013 by IUsec in Student groups

Do you read online blogs about video games? Do you aspire to be, or enjoy the notion, of becoming a games journalist? Do you like creating images in PhotoShop, or drawing webcomics on your Wacom tablet? Perhaps 8-bit foundation is for you. is a website I began in the Summer of 2012. The site is essentially set up in a blog-like fashion, with a heavy emphasis on gaming culture, news, and the creative projects which arise out of the medium. Those who contribute to 8-bit foundation gain a hands-on experience with writing in an editorial format, writing press-releases, and creating their own images. As a website comprised of creative individuals, I pride the domain on being composed of user-generated content.

As an active student at Indiana University, you may have learned about the prospective merger between the school of Telecommunications, Communications & Culture, and Journalism. 8-bit foundation is a valuable chance to exercise the merger of these schools and skills. They are, in fact, very much so a basis of online media creation.

8-bit foundation is not a charity, though many have begun to think so. Think of 8-bit sprites as the ”foundation” of the current state of games. There you go — now you’ve got it! As it stands, there is no direct compensation for your time, though individuals who find writing & creating media to be rewarding are highly encouraged to attend this semester’s call-out meeting. No experience is needed, and I provide tutorials for those who need them. On the same token, professionalism and carefully-edited posts are striven for.

If 8-bit foundation sounds up your alley, please attend the call-out meeting this Thursday, January 17th, in HPER 155, at 6 PM. If you have questions about the site, its format, and the content, I highly encourage you to explore before attending the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, or have questions in general, you may contact me via e-mail.

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