JOB POSTING: Association of School Teachers (AST) in South Korea.

Posted: September 27, 2012 by IUsec in Jobs

Hello. This is Yosep Hong, operating director at Association of School Teachers (AST) in South Korea.

AST is working hand in hand with several local Korean government agencies to recruit qualified teachers from the United States. 

Since 2007, AST as nonprofit organization has been focusing on cultivating global talent for education, and representing American teachers’ right in South Korea. As an effort from our office staffs, all 1200 schools which are involved in Gyeong-gi Do and other cities from elementary schools to high schools have hired over 600 English speaking teachers from the United States.

From this following February 2013, we open 600 positions for applicants from the United States. Please contact our office if you have any quesionts: (702) 534-7753.

Also, you may contact our teachers through AST Facebook page.


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