Student Media Group and the Indiana University Planner—Internships

Posted: April 30, 2012 by IUsec in Internships

My name is Charles and I am writing on behalf of Student Media Group and the Indiana University Planner. I was told that you may be able to help with this small project.


We are in the process of putting together our Summer Sales and Marketing Internship Program to help with the Indiana University Planner Publication. We have a couple students already hired to work on the planner but are looking for a few more that show great work ethic and profound leadership skills. I was wondering if you have any avenues within your organization or know any current students that are looking for an Internship? If you have a facebook page, website, student email blast or even bulletin board in which I can provide the necessary information to post it would be most helpful.


Attached are three things that describe the Internship:


Sales Internship Video:


How To Apply:


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