3 week course in Vietnam

Posted: December 6, 2011 by IUsec in Events

The Scholars in Global Citizenship study abroad program taking place in Hanoi Vietnam this summer will be holding an Information Open House this Thursday, December 8 from 12-4pm in SPEA 212.

This program provides a unique opportunity for IU undergraduate students regardless of major (approved for SPEA majors, Environmental Management, Environmental Science, Public and Nonprofit Management, Policy Analysis, Legal Studies and Health Administration) to experience the age of globalization in both an urban and rural Vietnamese context. Additionally, students will be joined by students from the Hanoi University of Science providing for a greater cultural immersion. This course is approved and presented at an honors level.

V450: Environmental Policy and Management in Vietnam (3 credit hours) will cover an array of topics such as

  • Comparative Environmental Policy
  • Governmental structure and population control
  • Creative use of space
  • Natural resource management
  • Climate change and vector borne disease

“… I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience an environment so different than our own, witness social change, emerge myself in another culture and make friends from across the globe…” –past participant

Further information is available at the open house, and at http://www.indiana.edu/~spea/spea_abroad/SPEA_Summer_Abroad/Scholars_in_Global_Citizenship_Vietnam/index.shtml, or by contacting program director Stephanie Lewis at stelewis@indiana.edu.

A Personal Note from the Professor

“I am not a world traveler. In fact, there is only one country that I have ever wanted to visit and that is Viet Nam. My reasons: Many of the my friends who were sent to Viet Nam during the war said it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen; it is a region of the world that currently maintain human culture, flora and fauna that have disappeared elsewhere; and it represents a society struggling with “balancing” the “old” with the “new” – particularly regarding managing the environment. I cannot think of a more exciting and productive learning experience for scholars (including myself) who are interested in global change and the environment. These factors combined with the unique opportunity to share the classroom with like-minded Vietnamese scholars convinced me to partake in this program.”

I hope you will consider joining me,

Marc L. Lame, Ph.D.

Clinical Professor


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