Memory and Media CMCL-C 420

Posted: November 30, 2011 by IUsec in Uncategorized

CMCL C420: Topics in Media History:  Memory and Media

TR  11:15-12:30pm  Wednesday evening screenings.




A girl recalls lost family relationships against the interior of a Hong Kong McDonald’s; a young man remakes his Singapore life against video images of Bruce Lee and Saturday Night Fever; a former Korean comfort woman struggles to relay the trauma of her experiences in the Pacific War.  These examples suggest both the possibilities and difficulties of accounting for our experiences of the past as they are entwined with global media images and contexts.  Transnational screen media are often a site at which histories and memories are presented, contested, remade and obfuscated. But what are the politics and stakes of re-presenting or re-membering in these contexts?  Who remembers?  What can be remembered? And against what do they remember?  Finally, what does the “medium” have to do with it?  How do particular screen mediums and modes – their production and viewership – mediate these memories for particular contexts?


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