Announcing: Wells Library Boardgame Collection

Posted: September 15, 2011 by IUsec in Announcements

A small set of high-quality games is now available for borrowing by the University community through the Wells Library Media Center (downstairs, outside the cafe). The initial set of games includes items useful for teaching collaboration, resource management, strategy, networks, and economic development. The games have been selected for quality of design, intellectual merit, and engagement.

Labyrinth: Global War on Terror (9): Two-player simulation of the 2001-2010 conflict between the US and Al-Qaeda. Current events, diplomacy, ideological conflict, defense policy, international relations, cultural change.

Settlers of Catan (5): Place settlements, build roads, harvest resources. Trade, bargaining, area control, resource management, networks.

Pandemic (4): Cooperative public health game. Work together to defeat a global epidemic. Teamwork, communication, role optimization, collective resource management.

Commands and Colors: Ancients (7): Two-player battle game, Rome v. Carthage. Ancient history, strategy, combined arms tactics, area control, history of games (this is basically a modern version of the Prussian Army’s Kriegspiel from 1816).

Stone Age (4): Village development game. Agriculture, technology, resource management, development.

Ticket to Ride (2): Simple railroad network game. Basic networks.

Carcassonne (2): Tile-laying game. Build and claim cities, roads, farms. Area management, synergies.

To learn more about these and other games, visit and search there for extensive reviews, images, and discussions.


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