Department of Telecommunications senior scriptwriter, Paul Mattingly, wins national exposure with his script My Life, the Video Game.

Posted: April 7, 2011 by IUsec in Contests, Events, Student groups

Department of Telecommunications senior scriptwriter, Paul Mattingly, wins national exposure with his script My Life, the Video Game.

For the next few days, if you spend time with Department of Telecommunications senior Paul Mattingly, he will likely offer you a Sprite.  That’s because in late November Paul and his brother Tim wrote a screenplay for a 10-minute film called My Life, the Video Game and submitted it as one of hundreds of entries to the Sprite Refreshing Film series.  When he saw the poster for the contest in the department, only a few days remained before the submission deadline.  But apparently Paul works well under pressure because the piece was selected as one of six produced by Dreaming Tree Films at select cities across the country.  Sprite also promised that each selected script would be cast with a celebrity to star in the film.  Paul thinks he got the best on both counts– since his film was shot in New York City and stars Christopher Gorham of ABC’s Ugly Betty and USA’s Covert Affairs.

Paul got to travel to The Big Apple for the shoot and said it provided him with a fantastic behind the scenes look at how the process works.  “I knew from my telecom classes that basically once a writer finishes a script, that’s it…it’s not theirs anymore,” he said.  “And that was true for the most part.  However, early in the shoot, a fellow film maker and I were able to bring attention to a relatively big continuity error that nobody else caught.  After that, the director asked me to follow him around to look for continuity stuff and ask various opinions. I had never really seen how a director works, and he was incredibly talented.”

Until April 11th My Life, the Video Game is competing against the Chicago Refreshing Film with viewers able to vote for their favorite by text message.  “You can vote up to 500 times per day, and we can get an extra 25 votes for each code you use underneath Sprite bottle caps when you text in,” Paul says.  That’s why you can expect to be handed a Sprite if you see Paul in the next few days!  And, of course, he’ll want you to visit the website to watch his film and vote. (Paul even got to make a cameo appearance in the film…so at least go and see if you can spot him in it!)

If My Life, the Video Game is one of the regional winners, Paul and Tim’s film will go to the next round, where public voting will continue, and a panel of industry experts will judge the movie on various merits. If the film wins that round, it will premiere at a major film festival.

Good work Paul, and good luck!


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