IU Cross-campus Business IDEA Competition

Posted: February 1, 2010 by terdsmit in Events

On behalf of the Graduate Entrepreneur Club (G.E.C.) at Indiana University, we would like to invite all innovative minds to apply for a cross-campus IDEA competition held in early April. This initiative, sponsored through the Johnson Center of Entrepreneurship at Kelley, has a $5,000 dollar reward, along with office space at the brand new Innovation center and business incubator newly built on 10th street! This is an exciting opportunity for any students with an idea stirring in the back of their minds!!

All teams must apply by this Friday, Feb 5th  – so the word about this should go out relatively quickly. Any class announcements, flyer distributions, or email forwarding would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance.  Flyers and applications are attached.

The GEC (Graduate Entrepreneur Club) through the MBA program will be helping this initiative two- fold:

1)      Help by submitting Entrepreneurially-minded MBA’s to the teams (email me if you need a group!)

2)      Support cross-campus ideas that are willing to rise to the challenge, and help them develop their ideas as well. (Cross-campus consulting for any students seeking entrepreneurial insight, advice, and idea development).

Therefore, please email me @ vosimian@Indiana.edu if you would like to (a) join a team/need members or (b) have any questions!


Thank you for your support of Entrepreneurship and innovation!


Voicu “Vic” Simianu

President – Graduate Entrepreneur Club

2011 Kelley MBA Candidate

vosimian@indiana.edu |1346 South Cobble Creek Cir. | Bloomington, IN 47401 | (317) 446-9395


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