Student Job Posting from in Bloom Photographer:

Posted: September 16, 2009 by ljhadvisor in Internships, Jobs

Job Posting from inbloom photography:

Filmmaker needed for short documentary clip/clips

I am a child portrait photographer in Bloomington specializing in outdoor sessions for kids.  I am seeking help in creating a short documentary style clip to be used on my website for promoting my business.  The purpose of the video will be to illustrate the fun, relaxed experience of an outdoor session.  I hope to include footage of a shoot and also a bit of commentary/interview from myself and/or the client.  Beyond this basic concept, I am open to your creative ideas and will allow you to use this video in your personal portfolio.  I am on a small budget, but will pay you for your talents.  Possibilities for additional videos to follow.  

Please contact Wendi Chitwood at for additional info.  Provide your experience level and contact info.


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