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Posted: September 4, 2009 by ljhadvisor in Internships, a media-rich game video show with a narrative theme, wants you! has opportunities available for students interested in broadcast/Internet production, entertainment and original video content. Working for our two time Webby Honoree Award-winning website qualifies for 3 credit hours of internship credit as a Q398. Q398 often fulfills degree requirements, check with your advisers for specific details. Q398 Application Link: is a student produced website creating stylish, fast paced, Internet-based videos that features original content and the latest trends and news in the video game industry. We are seeking highly motivated students who have strong goals, motivations, and outgoing personalities to join our team! Prior knowledge of the video game industry is not necessary, however ability to pick up on trends and present material with confidence will be a must. Most importantly, we want someone fun and energetic to help create totally original Internet content with us!

We have developed a strong internet based show called ButtonMashers which has received over 4 million views world wide. We are currently releasing our second season with our third season gearing up for production this fall. We are also in post production on another ambitious web series that utilizes nearly 100% green screened footage. Also starting this year is a brand new Animation Department looking to fill it ranks with enthusiastic students excited about cartoons. GameZombie will continue its trend of producing high quality and original video series into this new school year.

Interns will select from one of the following specialized, professional Areas of Focus:
Development, Scripting, & Videography: researching the video game industry and current topics in-
depth; developing branded game video show concepts, scripting, casting and shooting game videos,
both documentary-style, (on location), and in the studio, (in house). Achieving advanced lighting set-ups,
sometimes blue-screened, (project-dependent), achieving clean game capture and asset accumulation,
and running quality control.
Post-Production & Editing: editing game videos to a high degree of professionalism using a broad range
of multimedia software, including LiveType, Motion, Final Cut, AfterEffects, Photoshop, and Cinema4D.
Implementing advanced and stylish motion graphics, color grading, and sound design. (Most of our interns
fall into this category).

Animation & Cartoon Art: hands on development of both 2.5d and 3d cartoons and short animations. Utilizing
an organic work flow to create characters and stories in a deadline oriented team setting. Software used will
include Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and others. (Software experience
is a plus, but not a requirement. Students with strong traditional art skills are encouraged to join
as well).

Web Design & Programming:  enhancing and improving the functionality of a Webby Honoree Award winning
website, including the speed and reliability of a proprietary, flash-based video loader/player and an
advanced 3D-based profiles page. Maintaining a high-profile, media-rich site by creating attractive web
graphics, overseeing and expanding the burgeoning online forum, and streamlining database code.

Production Management:  overseeing a team of approximately fifty talented individuals with over thirty
major projects in various stages of development at any given time, averaging ten completed original
game videos per month. Managing project and asset distribution, exporting, compressing, and uploading
completed videos for webstreaming; optimizing popularity on ITunes, IUSTV, CATS, DailyMotion, Crackle,
LiveVideo, Facebook, and over twenty other venues.
Entrepreneurial Business & Marketing: Identifying fresh new media markets, streamlining and
positioning the competitive branding of the show; planning tours and documentary shoots of game
companies and gaming conventions, including RedStorm N. Carolina, Midway Chicago, WSVG KY, GDC
Austin, and GDC San Francisco; developing and enhancing strategic partnerships with web development
companies around the world, building and maintaining positive relationships throughout the
international game community.

Sept 1st – Dec 18, 2009
10-15 hrs/wk, over the whole of Fall semester to reach appropriate total hrs for 3 credit hours, ie. 150-180 hrs. worked. Unpaid, but with numerous perks including trips to gaming conventions and mass distribution of the author’s multimedia work.

Please email or call 812-322-0138 or 260-241-3652 to learn how you can get involved with our exciting project!

Q398 Application Link:



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